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    Yes, this random spinner is completely free to use without even creating an account or registration. Just spin the wheel for yes or no and get your random result. For example, if you decide you spin the wheel 5 times and the result “yes” came up 3 times out of 5, then the answer to your question is yes. The wheel starts to rotate as you hit the spin button at the center. As the wheel stops, yes or no displays at the bottom of the wheel. You will see “answer is Yes” or “answer is No.” After getting the answer, you can take action accordingly. In short, there is no scenario of true or false between yes and no. Alternatively, the wheel offers simple answers in yes and no based on functionality. The interesting fact about the wheel is that you can rotate/spin the wheel till the last decision. In addition, every time you spin the wheel, it opts out the results and never uses it again till the last spin. If such kind of dilemma strikes upon you, you will be disappointed for the specific venture. At such time you might ask another person to decide for you, but again that might result in a troublesome situation. So the only way through which you can pick your answer is the random yes, or no Wheel Decide. This simple Yes or No Wheel can generating a decision in a matter of seconds. Simply spin the wheel and let it decide for you.

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