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    When it comes to what you should say, it depends entirely on your relationship with the couple. For instance, wedding wishes for a friend will likely be less formal than wishes for someone you don’t know very well. Ultimately, you want to write a card that conveys your best wishes for the happy couple, and you can use this as a guide to write that perfect wedding greeting. Ultimately, it is becoming obvious that couples receive far more cash gifts in total with an online registry than a physical wishing well. This means that any fees or charges that occur with the online registry service are more than worth paying. First things first, select the service that you want to use for your wedding wishing well. Create an account, enter your credentials, and the website will create you a personal webpage. Almost all the sites can change design, colors, and language according to the user’s region. You can personalize your wedding registry and include any details you would like to share. Of course, in many cultures giving money was always the norm. However your guests decide to be a part of your wedding, always thank them. Send out personalized thank you cards to everyone that joins in the exciting day, and never be disappointed in those who don’t add to your online wedding funds. Similar to setting up a wishing well instead of a gift registry for your honeymoon, you might decide you can use the funds for another large purchase. Couples can set up a wishing well fund to tell their guests they would like to buy a home together in the near future. Any contributions towards their new home is greatly appreciated. There is no shame in setting up a wishing well for your wedding if that’s what you decide as a couple. And, offering a registry online makes it easy for your guests to be able to access it directly from your wedding website. Here are just a few reasons you might be considering a wishing well instead of traditional gifts for your wedding. Wedding guests are usually not comfortable with the idea that they are giving you money to help pay for the wedding itself.

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