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    Even if your particular airline does not test you on the 24-hour clock, learning this concept now will make your new life as a flight attendant much easier. The primary purpose of a Military Time chart is to create a simple link between both the military time and regular time formats. It is similar to any other conversion table that bridges two quantities on a common parameter. As per a general rule, military time lacks the time separator (dot or colon) present between the hour and minutes. In addition, the way of spelling each is different too. While military format requires saying the leading zero, regular time format has done away with it. An Army Time chart serves the purpose of converting one time format into the other that complies with the standard guidelines. In countries like the United States of America and Canada, the concept of military time is extensively used. In fact, it is regarded as the synonym for the 24 hour clock. Below you can find a calculator to convert standard time to military time, military time charts and a printable version of the military time charts. Converting military time to standard is fairly simple once you learn. Knowing how to read military time is a great skill to have. If you ever find yourself in a country where the military is used, knowing how to read and covert will make your travels easy. Today, most watches have the capabilities to view both 24 and 12 hour times with an easy change of settings. Use the military time converter to quickly convert standard time to military time and vice versa.

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