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    A comparison of 12 hour clock times and matching military 24 hour clock times using a Military Time Chart. Convert 0715 military time into standard AM/PM format. SKILLBRIDGE is a no-cost to the government Temporary Additional Duty assignment from your transferring command and the approved place of work. TPUs are not allowed to gain a Sailor for separation until the TAD is completed. When you are within 30 days of completion of your TAD assignment, you are required to contact your command to request separation orders. Sailors who report to TPU for separation processing who are missing key documents in their package usually incur an additional delay up to 30 days. This delay has cut into Sailor’s separation leave or resulted in the departure from TPU without their DD Form 214 and loss of leave balance days. I know as an AGR NCO you must attend any required NCOES courses for your rank on an active duty level too I don’t exactly agree with it but it is what it is. You may be gone for a month or two for phase 2 and 3 which means someone may need to cover down in your absence. To tell people you are active duty while in the AGR is wrong. Yes you are full time and receive the same benefits but it is not active duty. Resources, though abundant, are not as easy to find. Moving to a large Army post, I was impressed by all of the resources I came across on a daily basis. Fun runs, spouse groups, the fitness and childcare centers on post, child and youth activities and classes. When you’re a military family moving into a community that’s mostly civilian you have to do A LOT more research to find resources applicable to you because the military community just isn’t as visible. About 5 years ago, this month, we were packing up for our first PCS in the Army Active Guard and Reserve program. My husband had been in the Reserves for several years at that point and was itching to go active duty. Well, the problem was going active duty from the reserves was easier said than done, so we decided AGR would be a good way to get his foot in the active duty door. The training of reserve officers and junior commanders from among students was continued. From February 1945 to February 1948 the enrollment of students in military training amounted to 150 people, and from 1948 to 1953 it was already 200 people.

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