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    There are few occupations with as much inherent risk as war fighting. In Military Time, midnight can be displayed as 0000 or 2400, both are acceptable. While each branch of the United States military has mixed forces, each one has a specific mission. In those high-pressure situations, it can be crucial to communicate a time clearly and leave as little room for ambiguity and misunderstandings as possible. Military time provides crucial clarity in emergency rooms and other high-stakes situations. Make sure to check our army body fat calculator, as well as our army physical fitness test tool, to find out if you are an appropriate candidate💪. Military time uses both 2400 and 0000 to notate midnight. This may seem confusing at first, but it makes more sense if you think of 0000 as a start time and 2400 as an end time. You’d use 0000 when referencing the beginning of an activity, but 2400 to indicate when an activity will end. Every 10 days, one of these constellations helically rose in prominence to give the ancient Egyptians a 10-day week. A year comprised 36 weeks for each of the 36 constellations. To balance out the seasons, the ancient Egyptians added five extra days each year to create a 365-day year. He is an authority on research and reviews. His work guarantees a high level of proficiency and authority. However, due to the International Date Line (middle of Pacific Ocean), there are actually three more zones created and many of the zones are not exactly an hour apart (as the Sun travels). But, somehow the system works as it is used mainly by ocean-going commerce vessels and the world’s Navies. Unless you grew up in a military household, you are likely not familiar with how the military tells time.

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