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    If you enjoy watching movies or televisions shows that incorporate characters in the Armed Forces or military culture, you will notice that “military” time is often used. When local law enforcement can’t restore law and order, the US military gets the call. A randomized survey, which includes some difficult questions about abuse, was sent out to 300,000 troops and 100,000 military… Military time uses an internationally agreed list of words provided by the NATO phonetic alphabet. Here is another trick to help you with the “p.m.” hours. But, somehow the system works as it is used mainly by ocean-going commerce vessels and the world’s Navies. Unless you grew up in a military household, you are likely not familiar with how the military tells time. The issue of time in this scenario is important because while it may not have been a major factor during the Civil War, it was certainly an issue that came up after the war ended. In fact, it was even something that was discussed during the Mexican-American War, which is considered the first of the “modern wars”. Navy began setting up its Military Timekeeping Service, it was originally designed for military purposes only. This included keeping track of military bases and planning operations around the world. Now, let’s move on to explaining the simplest way of how you can convert 2200 Hours into the Standard Time If you loved this report and you would like to acquire far more details with regards to website kindly visit the web site. .

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