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    There are a few signs to look out for which can indicate that it is time to give your throttle body a good clean. This is due to the dirt causing the airflow to be disrupted and can look like stumbling initial acceleration or even stalling after coming to a stop. If your acceleration is slow or uneven, it could also point to a dirty throttle body. Another indicator is if your car has poor fuel economy, in other words if it is going through fuel too quickly. One way to track this is to fill up your tank and record how many kilometres you are travelling before it is empty and whether this matches the car’s indication of kilometres travelled. If you are checking your throttle body, look out for a build-up of grime or dirt. It sounds obvious but this is a sign that your throttle body could use some attention. Disregarding the single throttle body set-up, there are a number of ways multiple throttle bodies can be fitted. The straightforward solution for production engines is ‘twin bodies’. On a four-cylinder engine this will be like older twin carburettor set-ups, featuring two pairs of twin bodies. In most cases the older-style carburettor manifolds can be retained, as the twin bodies will have the same bolt pattern. The throttle body is designed to control the fresh air of spark ignition engines in combination with an electronic throttle control system.

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