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    About a year ago, my 3-year-old son would watch Frozen and Moana with fervor. Great movies though they are, I can only take so much. If you liked this article so you would like to collect more info about cars cast nicely visit our web site. One particular dreary afternoon I could simply not “let it go” any longer and I put Cars on. His favorite thing to do is sprint around the house after dinner while my wife and I wave a checkered flag that he took upon himself to construct. Over the weekend I ripped apart a Brio train and donated the chassis to a Lightning McQueen Hot Wheels car so the little racer can compete against Shinkansen bullet trains in our living room. Cars is one of the most successful Pixar franchises and it is back with all new content in the collection of shorts, Cars on the Road. During the press conference in support of the release, Larry the Cable Guy and the team behind Cars on the Road talk about the inspiration behind it, returning to the series, and so much more. Joe Ranft, who wrote, co-directed, and voiced Red in Cars, tragically passed away in an accident in August 2005, a little less than a year before the film’s release. The movie and subsequent video games were dedicated to his memory. Ranft was honored again years later in aSoulEaster egg. Strip “The King” Weathers, the Plymouth Superbird trying to get one more victory before retiring from the Piston Cup circuit inCars cast, was voiced by NASCAR legend Richard Petty. Wilson has gone on to team up with his old filmmaking buddy Wes Anderson multiple times over the past 15 years with another movie —The French Dispatch— on the way. In June 2021, Wilson joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the mysteriousMobius M.

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