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    The Use of Organic Skincare Products is Now Popular With Women – Today’s women are getting smarter in choosing cosmetics. Don’t just buy it, but most of the ones chosen are made from natural or organic ingredients. Not only for cosmetics, but also for various skincare products, women prefer natural ingredients.

    Currently, organic skincare is not just a trend. There are many benefits that can be obtained by using natural skincare products. There is no mixture of chemicals, organic skincare is not only safe for the skin but also safe for the environment.

    Why Choose Organic Skincare?

    Safer for Health

    For those who are still using skincare products, try to be more careful from now on. You should consider using skincare made from natural ingredients. This is because there are so many advantages of natural skincare ingredients, for example, that they are safer for health.

    Organic skincare is claimed to be very safe because it is free from chemicals in its manufacture. The ingredients must be carefully selected so as not to cause problems on the skin. From the process of planting the ingredients, of course there will be no use of chemical pesticides that can harm the wearer.

    More Environmentally Friendly

    Switch to organic skincare because it is guaranteed to be more able to make us look beautiful. In addition, there are other advantages, namely organic skincare that is more environmentally friendly. Natural ingredients from organic skincare are processed naturally so they are guaranteed not to damage the surrounding environment.

    If the planting process alone has minimal damage to the environment, then you can rest easy without worrying when using the product for your skin because it is guaranteed to be safe too. The production process of organic skincare is natural so it can produce waste that is also natural which is easily biodegradable.

    Suitable for all skin types

    Choose skincare made from organic because it is suitable for all skin types. However, don’t just believe in skincare products that are labeled safe for all skin types before you check the ingredients and packaging. It could be that the material is safe but it turns out that the packaging is easily contaminated, so the quality of the contents is also not guaranteed. For those with sensitive skin, it is advisable to use organic skincare products so as not to irritate the skin.

    Many Wanted Local Organic Skincare Products Brands

    Organic Supply Co.

    Organic Supply Co. is a company that was founded in 2015. This is a natural and organic skincare brand that sells various skincare products. Unique and clearly safe to use, you can take a peek at the various products they provide.

    The founder of this company realizes that it is very difficult to get various organic ingredients such as essential oils and so on in Indonesia. For example, there must be an expensive price and only a few are available. So this company took the initiative to provide various organic ingredients ranging from herbal teas, essential oils to aromatherapy mist.

    Pavetia Skincare

    Pavettia Skincare is also a company that must be looked at when it comes to organic skincare. All products use natural ingredients typical of Indonesia. The company founded by Erika Simangunsong and Dian Adhy Fryanto was officially opened in 2016.

    The products presented range from Clarifying Cleansing Lotion to Vitamin C serum. The products are safe for various skin Types of Skin Diseases and How to Overcome Them because they contain botanical oils and hydrosols that are friendly to the skin and the environment. Uniquely, the material used for the product comes from the Pavettia garden in the Subang area, West Java


    Vimala is a skincare brand founded by Vera and Michella in 2014. This brand offers a line of natural skincare that is safe for the skin because it is free from chemicals such as parabens and phthalates. The products issued are lip balm, body mist to body lotion.

    The ingredients are various essential oils so it is safe for sensitive skin. From various spices and natural ingredients, the products can also be aromatherapy that relieves stress. One product that you can try is Sahasrara Chakra Balancing Oils. This is an essential oil that can be used to have a relaxing effect on the body.

    Sensatia Botanicals

    Sensatia Botanicals was founded in Bali in 2000. This local brand produces products that are environmentally friendly because the ingredients are all natural. For example, from the use of carton boxes made from recycled paper so that it is guaranteed to be safe for the environment.

    The natural ingredients of the product are obtained from ingredients such as star fruit, tea tree, tamarind, lemon, and other natural ingredients. Of course the product can maintain and protect the skin besides that it can also improve skin texture and increase skin elasticity.

    Without chemicals, products from this one brand have managed to become trademarks in more than 40 countries. More than 200 products have been registered with BPOM and have received halal certification from MUI too

    Clan and Kind

    Klen and Kind is a brand that also uses organic ingredients as its main ingredients. Free of palm oil and detergent so the product is also safe for those of you with sensitive skin. Various products from Klen and Kind are equipped with essential oils that can stimulate brain work and improve immune function.

    This brand was originally initiated by a group of beauty enthusiasts. The products offered range from essential oils, solid perfumes, to lip balms. There are no ingredients that harm animals and ingredients derived from animals so that the products are guaranteed to be safe. The product variants include skin care, hair and body care, essential oils, and urban remedy.

    TIFF Body Scrub

    Tiff Body Scrub is a local brand that is committed to producing organic products that are good for the skin. The products produced are very diverse, such as lip balms to peel off masks. Various nutritious ingredients are also used, such as oatmeal, cinnamon to turmeric.

    For example, one of its products is made from Sumatran coffee which is mixed with turmeric and comes in the form of a body scrub. There is also a Cinnamon Coffee Body Scrub body. Having a cinnamon scent, this scrub is able to improve blood circulation, remove active acne, and even out skin tone.

    Sariayu Organic Solutions

    Sariayu is a local brand that also releases various variants of products made from organic ingredients. Martha Tilaar Solutions Organic Revolution Renewage is produced with organic ingredients from French farms. The ingredients are organic grape seeds and liquorice.

    Sariayu Organic Solutions has several advantages, including the recognition from an organic certification body established in 1991 in France, namely Ecocert.

    Sariayu organic products also have benefits for human health because they are safe to use and can maintain the natural ecology. The product is chemical free so it won’t irritate the skin. Sariayu Organic Solutions comes in 10 types of skincare, from cleanser to moisture lotion.

    Spoil Organics

    From the name, it shows that the products of this brand are made from natural ingredients. This brand is USDA Certified and Australia Certified Organic which ensures that its products are safe for the skin and the environment. This brand issues face oil to face mist that makes facial skin more healthy and well-maintained.

    The material is imported from abroad because it cannot be grown in Indonesia. One of the ingredients is argan oil which comes from Morocco. In addition, use tea tree oil which is suitable for treating acne. Another ingredient used is rosehip oil to help the regeneration process of skin cells, reduce stretch marks to moisturize dry skin.

    The Bath Box

    The Bath Box is a local product that has been around since 2013. Its products range from skincare to hair care products.

    One of the products is goat’s milk soap which is not only preservative free but also does not contain silicon and sulfate. This soap turned out to get a lot of positive responses from customers who have psoriasis, eczema to those with sensitive skin.

    There is also Brassica Lightening Facial Serum. This is a facial care product that can lighten dark spots and even out skin tone.


    Gulaco is a brand that was founded in 2014. Natasha Alexandra founded this brand because her hobby is making homemade products. Without containing harmful chemicals, the product is also without preservatives so that the product can last only up to 3 months.

    They have various products and one of them is Grow which comes in the form of a serum. Its function is to thicken and give full effect to eyelashes and eyebrows. Others have Mr. Coal Soap Bar which is a bar of soap containing activated charcoal. This product is paraben free and also free from sulfate and mineral oil.

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