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    It also provides official solutions for some of the challenges along with 800,000+ user solutions. Coderbyte is recommended by the top coding bootcamps because of its collection of interview prep challenges. Interview Cake is a website that offers coding challenges and resources for coding interview preparation. It also offers personalized support and guidance for coding interviews, as well as practice questions in various programming languages. Photo by Kevin Ku on UnsplashA “coding challenge” is a programming assignment that tests the abilities of software engineers. Because coding is a must-have skill for a software developer, it is critical to test whether candidates can code effectively. It is basically the first phase before a technical interview. Even if you aren’t looking for a job, there are a lot of programming challenges – 4.ly, that you can take part in to improve your skills. Code challenges are also part of most coding interviews. Hiring managers may see the skills listed on your resume, and you may be able to talk like a programmer, but they also want to know that you can write code. By having you solve a coding challenge, they can assess your skills and be sure you can do the job. So working on coding challenges will also help you prepare for job interviews. We’ve collected 20 popular code challenges to get you started. Code challenges help you build problem-solving skills, better understand the programming language you use, and get to know algorithms you may not be familiar with. If you want to improve your skills in programming, there’s no better way than by writing code. CSE is an elective course in the Computer Science and Engineering program at the University of Notre Dame. This course encourages the development of practical programming and problem solving skills through extensive practice and guided learning. The bulk of the class revolves around solving brain-teaser and puzzle-type problems that often appear in programming contests, online challenges, and job interviews.

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