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    In order to find the correct Gematria code systems we would need to go back in history. The second begins from the letter Iota as of tens [set of 10 to 90]. The third begins from the letter Rho as of hundreds [set of 100 to 900]. Old philosophy books show that the Greeks instituted such a setup of their alphabet after the imitation of the Hebrew alphabet. The Hebrew letters also have matched with numbers in a similar way, but [it says] far more excellent than in any other languages, since the greatest mysteries lie in the Hebrew letters and alphabet. Therefore, the Hebrew Gematria seems to be the most accurate Gematria. The Hebrew letters are considered [by old philosophers] to be the “building block” of creation. [In Judaism, “chosenness” is the belief that the Jews, via descent from the ancient Israelites, are the chosen people, i.e. chosen to be in a covenant with God; whether this is true or not, we do not really know…]. GematriaEffect.news has a free web app to calculate gematria online. This calculator app gets you the Simple gematria, Pythagorean (Reduction) gematria, Reverse Simple English (also called Reverse Ordinal) gematria, and Reverse Pythagorean (also called Reverse Reduced) gematria. You can simply add your input to get all these gematria instantly. From there, you can expand any of the gematria to get a snapshot and chart. Do note that, this calculator app does not provide a character breakdown in gematria. This calculator supports Simple gematria, English gematria, and Hebrew/Jewish gematria. Below that, it gives you a character breakdown of each gematria as well.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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