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    So if many gematrias are ultimately a joke, why write a book about it? Feder writes how it has a limited, yet meaningful use in a few exceptional cases. And rather than their being simplistic, he uses them to develop meaningful Torah thoughts. In biblical terms, numerology is the study of how numbers used in scriptures have a symbolic meaning. For example, the twelve disciples, twelve tribes of Israel, and twelve apostles. Gematria Calculator calculates the gematria value of English or Hebrew words and phrases. Those who identify Abraham’s trained men with his servant Eliezer on the basis of the numerical value of the latter’s name are indulging in Midrash, as Scripture does not speak in gematria . With this type of interpretation one can interpret any name as he wishes, both in a positive and a negative manner. THIS METHOD IS “GEMATRIA.” There are many forms of Gematria and this method is found in the Talmud, Midrash and Medieval commentators. It was used especially by the Hasidei-Ashkenaz (12-13th century German pietists) and Sefardic mystics, from the Middle Ages until today. Kabbalistic astrology uses some specific methods to determine the astrological influences on a particular person. According to one method, the gematria of the person’s name is added to the gematria of his or her mother’s name; the result is then divided by 7 and 12. Achbi divides the alphabet into two equal groups of 11 letters. Within each group, the first letter is replaced by the last, the second by the 10th, etc.

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