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    This is the dramatic moment a truck driver veers off the road in Spicewood, and ploughs through a row of parked cars. <br>A nearby worker has a lucky escape as he gets on the ground to work on one of the vehicles in the yard, putting him close to the truck’s pathway of destruction. <br>Thankfully, сливы топовых трейдеров телеграмм as the car hits the embankment it slows down and makes enough noise that the worker can get clear of the crash site and away from flying debris.<br> The truck also narrowly misses a covered up muscle car as it careens across the dirt verge. <br>The car then veers off-screen kicking up huge plumes of dust as workers rush over to help the driver.<br>The crash occurred outside Jim’s Marine and Auto Service with video, a local business, being captured from a neighboring work site, the footage was shared  to YouTube on August 6.<br> The car scrapes through the dry earth as it flings itself towards the autoshop kicking up a huge plume of dust<br> RELATED ARTICLES

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    A worker sprints out of the pathway of the car and any debris it may have kicked up in the crash<br>Owner of the shop, James Campbell Jr of the marine and auto servicing company, Campbell said: ‘This isn’t the first time a crash such as this has happened.’ <br>’People in the area have been trying to have guardrails installed.'<br>As of yet no railings have been installed, leaving the business and it’s workers at risk of more crashes like this.

    It is not known if the driver of the truck sustained any injuries. <br>

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