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    Furthermore, these search terms should have a sizable search volume. Aside from the search volume, you’ve got to consider other metrics like competition level, cost-per-click , and your website’s authority. For example, Surfer predicts 1115 visits to my web page if I cover “best keyword research tools” based on my website authority in this niche. Use the Total Traffic metric to choose the right keywords for SEO based on expected visitors to your pages. Keywords with the highest search volumes don’t always translate to the most traffic for your web pages. Google search results have several features that fulfill search queries with concise responses, popularly known as zero-click searches. But using Surfer Keyword Research, I can see that the keyword cluster has a monthly search volume of 750. When you loved this post and you wish to receive more info about site assure visit our own website. Based on this, I’d likely prioritize a blog post on this topic which I may have otherwise postponed for later. Clicking on a relevant card will display the relative keyword difficulty for that keyword on a scale of easy-medium-hard. You’ll also receive a list of keywords to include in the same article or ideas for new ones. It’s good to find a keyword with business potential, but can you ideally rank for it? Assessing SEO keyword difficulty can help determine whether a keyword is worth going after. Judging how difficult a keyword is to rank for can be a tedious manual process requiring you to analyze top ranking pages and their authority for the search term in question. You’ll notice a bunch of additional data on your search engine results page that wasn’t there, including monthly search volume and traffic insights for each result. I searched for a few different kinds of keywords—e.g., “free keyword research tools,” “chocolate cake,” and “best white sneakers”—to see the results for different search intent. Also, most keyword tools pull search volume data from the GKP. For example, using the data on Google Analytics, you can easily discern which keywords and landing pages generate the most traffic and which ones are underperforming. With this knowledge, you can come up with a plan to correct and enhance your strategy.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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