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    By virtue of having existed for more than a quarter of a century, the Python programming language and the community surrounding it has developed a common sense of style and ideals. The Zen of Python are words of wisdom written down by long time Python programmer Tim Peters. It encapsulates a philosophy of writing clean, succinct code in a manner that will be familiar to most other Python programmers. The concept of “Pythonic” gets thrown around a lot, and was explained like this by Martijn Faassen. Neither the Zen of Python, not the concept of Pythonic should be thought of as firm rules, or even very detailed specifications. But rather of as a set of half-joking (but more serious than you first might think!) pointers that identify a philosophy that a large portion of the Python community will agree with. These challenges assume students have some basic knowledge of programming with Python and know how to use input, data types and a basic print statement. Are you looking to expand your student’s knowledge of Python programming? These Python challenges give students 7 coding activities all focused on dealing with printing using the .format method and the f string operator. This is a computer version of the game we used to play as kids – I hold a secret number between 1 and 100 and you have to guess what it is. Every time you make a guess, I give you a clue – if your guess is greater than the secret I tell you that it is greater and if it is less I tell you it is less. How fast you get to the secret number is how you win the game. The purpose of this game is to learn the basic program blocks, logical operations and simple loops. Programmers, software developers who are either professionals or makers, as well as students and teachers. At least some prior experience with the Python programming is recommended. We know that CheckiO is recommended in a lot of schools and universities as an additional way to learn python. CheckiO gives you an opportunity to improve your coding skills in a fun way while you are learning coding in your class. This Python Object-oriented programming exercise aims to help Python developers to learn and practice OOP concepts. This exercise aims to help Python developers to learn and practice DateTime and timestamp questions and problems.

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