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    Here is what you can typically hear at some trading seminar or read on some futures trading web site: “Open 5K account, start trading S&P 500 eminis futures”. Yes indeed, to buy or sell one contract it only requires $3,600 margin or so. Thus 5K freely allows trading one contract. Commission on trading S&P emini is small, literally couple of bucks, so you can be in and out of that market many times a day. S&P 500 eminis on a typical day can move 10 to 15 point up or down. Each point move is equal to $50 dollars. So, a charlatan would say: “If you capture only 4 points out of these 15 you would be making $200 a day, and I will teach you how”.

    There are other similar divisions in society and one such division can be found at the horse races or among the people who bet on horse races. The next time that you’re at a race track or sitting in an OTB, look around at the other people who are betting on the races. Do you know how many of them are losing? You’d probably say, almost all of them, and you’d be right.

    Remember the 80-20 rule – it’s practically universal that 20 percent of your clients or customers are “high maintenance.” They’re creating 80 percent of your distractions, disruptions and diversions. Keep them but change your pricing structure to charge them 20 percent more.

    16 times 2 is a number that you should potentially be able to calculate in your head. But if you cannot, go ahead and write it out for an answer of 32.

    That would be a great idea. But what about for the surplus of us who, for one mind or another, keep assess on our credit licenses? Isn’t there a way in which we can save money on our credit licenses?

    Zero percent APR credit cards will have no interest charge for the initial small period. However, you are supposed to make payments regularly and in time. There are heavy penalties for failure to pay money on time. The penalties could range from $20 to $50. In addition, there may be some annual fees for the privilege of zero percent card.

    Credit score is of supreme importance when it comes to zero percent car loans. A person with poor or bad credit history will never qualify for this loan. Even average credit score is not considered. So, the loan is restricted to a minority of people who have an outstanding credit score of 700 or more.

    The beans are only produced in Hawaii Island. Every coffee lover around the world is after it. The price is pretty expensive than other coffee type because of its rareness finding in the market. Because of Kona becomes expensive coffee, many coffee manufacture mix them with regular coffee. So the price can become averagely cheap. Usually the blend contains only 10% and 20% Brazilian or Colombian varieties of Kona blend.

    Beware, please, of some companies offering free scores, because I’ve read some bad stories from consumers reporting that although they received a free score, it was not the one that lenders use, so therefore it was no good to them. Lenders use the FICO score model and unless you’re looking at those scores, then you might as well save yourself the effort.

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