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    Agriculture is a career that costs money to do and takes a lot of time to wait for production. Each time the yield was less profitable, some at a loss, so many farmers needed to find a supplementary occupation to increase their family’s income. Whether growing vegetables or raising animals while waiting for the produce from the main occupation like the villagers in Nong Nam Daeng Sub-District Nakhon Ratchasima Province It has turned to raising gamecocks as a supplementary occupation, not least because of the profitable trade. One falls at 3,500-5,000 baht.

    Uncle Chalong aims to break in the middle, a man with a lot of smiles. Address: 58 Village No. 3, Nong Nam Daeng Subdistrict, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Agricultural career is Cassava farm. 5 years ago, I saw villagers in this area raising gamecocks and earning money. Therefore, Uncle Chalong is interested in raising gamecocks as a supplementary occupation. earn more

    There are many different breeds of gamecocks throughout the country. But the main breeding Uncle Chalong bought this breeder from a teacher in the south. Special characteristics are white with sharp spurs. have speed in battle sticky texture Resistant to the collision of opponents well. Because of this feature, Uncle Chalong chose to be a breeder. used for cultivation

    Uncle Chalong aims to break down in the middle
    keep chickens healthy

    Principles and methods of raising chickens Uncle Chalong suggested that

    After mating The hen took 21 days to incubate the eggs. Uncle Chalong built an incubation area with a roof covering the sun and rain, with basket shelves arranged in a row. with straw for the hens to incubate. After the hatching date Uncle Chalong will bring the chicks out to raise them in cages along with the hens.

    If any hen kicks off the chicks, the hen will be separated immediately. to prevent the chicks from dying.

    hen incubating eggs
    In the feeding of chicks, corn kernels are given twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. or alternate with chicken thickened food If some are not healthy, they will feed the pigs. to strengthen the chicks When the chicks are 2 months old, they are taken out of the cage and placed on the ground. Raising like a villager to make a living naturally But the corn kernels are regularly sown to keep the chickens from starving. In the rearing after natural release, the form of each chicken is observed. to be molded into a gamecock for sale

    The chickens are about 8 months old, in the period that they have not been wrestled with others. and will be reared separately in 1 random per 1 chicken. The food will be 1-2 handfuls of paddy, 2 meals per day. The chickens are raised to expose them to the sun for 2 periods in the morning and in the afternoon. where the temperature is not very high Bringing chickens to the sun or straddling the sun It is one of the important things in raising gamecocks. in order to build strength durable for chickens And it also helps to control the weight of the chicken as well. But the scorching should be appropriate for the age of the chickens. should not overdo it

    Corn for the chickens to eat
    wound healing of the beaten chicken

    A gamecock can’t be a gamecock. If not through wrestling or hitting to test the strength, dexterity, and agility of that chicken But beating a chicken causes the chicken to injure it. therefore need to be maintained by bringing the beaten chicken to rest in the cage Isolated from other birds, ซื้อขายไก่พม่า gradually giving medicine, injections to keep the chicken back healthy.

    good form will sell for a good price

    Normal gamecocks cost from 500 baht to a million baht. It depends on the owner’s pricing, features, breed and characteristics of the chicken. like Uncle Chalong’s chicken The starting price is 3,500 baht. It’s the price of the villagers and it’s still a generation of chicken that hasn’t been wrestled. but looks popular Has a slender body, slender tail, height equal to the body weight of 2.8 kg, or if it is a chicken that has been fought. Experienced collision will open the market by bringing the bump to the arch. in order to get a lot of people to see or the chicken masters to see the style of beating the chicken because when the chicken master saw and wanted to buy The price is higher, at 30,000-40,000 baht each.

    Uncle Chalong gave a message to people who are interested in raising gamecocks. Let’s hear that

    “From the experience I have seen Villagers in this neighborhood People have had a lot of success in raising gamecocks. because if we invest in buying a good hen then planted After cultivating them, they are wrestled. When a master saw it, he could sell it for thirty thousand and forty thousand.”

    8 month old chicken

    chicken shelter through the collision
    Raising gamecocks is a supplementary occupation for many people, not just villagers. Nong Nam Daeng Subdistrict The way of raising will be different according to the way of the villagers. There are no fixed regulations. But this method of raising should be enough as a guideline for many people who are interested in gamecocks. or want to earn extra income has been applied to benefit

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