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    The Ultimate Numerology Calculator by Michael McClain – This calculator is one of the most comprehensive numerology calculators out there. It includes features like calculating your life path number, destiny number, and soul number, as well as compatibility readings with other people. The GEN Gematria Calculator can be used for any language that uses the Latin alphabet, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and more. Simply select “Hebrew” from the drop-down menu and input your text. The calculator will automatically generate the correct gematria value. Many people use Gematria to interpret and uncover hidden meanings in the bible. A Gematria decoder, such as the online calculator above, works out the value of any letter, word, or phrase for you and saves you the trouble of calculating each letter. However, if you prefer to do the calculation yourself then see the Gematria chart below. The pseudoscientific practice of numerology holds that a certain number has a mystical or divine connection to one or more related events. The value of the characters in words, names, and concepts is another aspect of this field of research. It is frequently linked to the supernatural, along with astrology, and is comparable to divinatory practices. If your name is 20 letters long, you will be multiplying 20 separate numbers. BATMAN, for instance, is represented by the numerals 2+1+2+4+1+5, or 15.

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