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    There are a number of popular YouTubers who make such claims. They say that many news stories and headlines are encoded using various types of gematria. Also that these encodings are sometimes components of larger, more complex, magick spells and/or rituals. A now dead Semitic language, Akkadian is thought to possibly be the root of several other Mesopotamian languages. Akkadian also happens to be the language involved in the first recorded use of gematria, or the converting of letters to numbers. King Sargon II of Babylon was said to have built a bad-ass wall that was 16,283 cubits long. This number corresponding to the numerical value of his name. Examples of applying the numerical meanings to phrases in Scripture are provided for the book of 2 John and other passages (see above). Please note the author of this website does not claim to be an expert in the languages considered herein. The things shown here represent some of the things this websites author has discovered while personally studying Hebrew and God’s word. The Greek word used here for the word “dove” is the word “peristera”. The Gematria value of the Greek letters that form this word equal 801. Thus some interpret this as being a direct reference to the number which represents the completeness of God. The technological computer age we live in now has enabled the Jewish rabbis and scribes to discover these hidden codes. Sometimes the words are found reading from right to left and other times left to right. I have not typed out whole verses but just the area that pertains to the actual fruit or tree. There are 40 days between the first day of Elul, when we begin to blow the Shofar to prepare for Rosh Hashana, until Yom Kippur, the end of the annual teshuva (repentance) period.

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