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    “Kai Muang Phiao” is a traditional native chicken of the villagers of Huai Haeng Sub-district, Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province. that are raised in the natural release houses Different people do not have a clear raising style. Until when the group of members in the name of the native chicken farmer in Ban Khao Cassia Lek came together. and set up a model farm as a learning center for members and bring them back to develop their own chickens. thus promoting commercial chicken farming. which has been supported by drugs and medical supplies from the Department of Livestock Development

    In raising this type of native chicken, the group members will combine to produce Make your own food from local ingredients free from all chemicals and distribute it for members to take back. Product value is added by planning production to meet market demand.

    (Left) Sombat Khunthong, Group Vice President, and ซื้อขายไก่ชน Ms. Anattawichai Chapho, a skilled veterinarian Kaeng Khoi District Livestock Office
    Sombat Khunthong, vice president of the group, said that the main reason for the grouping was to want the villagers who raised chickens in each household to have clear unity. I don’t want to raise myself up without a system that I can’t control. Either in the epidemic or setting the selling price

    However, the nature of raising the native chickens of the villagers is not very commercial, therefore, each household has a number of chickens raised from 30-50 to more than 100. In each household, the main focus is on raising the parent chickens and gradually propagating them by letting the mother hens hatch naturally. The older female breeders start to give the unhealthy young to sell as broiler chickens.

    The style of raising chickens of the villagers is to make a house like a kennel and surround it as a pen. The size of each household differs depending on the area.

    natural breeding characteristics
    For hens that lay eggs, the hens will naturally incubate the eggs. The vaccine will be started for the first time when the chicks are 3 days old and should not be given more than 7 days after the chicks are picked, then will be screened for maturity and separated into parents and then will start screening when the chicks are 1-2 years old. Weeks to be kept separately. In this regard, it will be determined that 1 male per 5 females or 2 males per 10 females, depending on each household. Each mother chicken can have 5-10 chicks at a time.

    Chicks are first raised in coop and then fed grits, cornmeal, or tubers and bran. Depends on each party When raised for 2-3 weeks, then released to continue to raise in the coop.

    Grown chicks that are released to live naturally.
    Chickens that the villagers raise for 8-10 months can begin to be sold. And the weight required by the market is between 1.5-2 kg. For any villager who is ready to sell chickens, it will be carried out through groups for merchants to come and buy them.

    Raising chickens in Muang Pheaew by villagers in the area are raised in almost every home. There are a lot – a little different depending on the needs and the number of areas. The villagers will raise chickens along with the main occupation of the villagers in the area is farming. Cultivation of cassava, corn fields or some to work in factories. The villagers raise chickens as both their main occupation and their supplementary occupation. using natural foods that are locally available so no fat then there is pure meat It is considered organic chicken that is safe for health.

    little boy cleaning gamecock
    In addition to raising broilers If any chicken with characteristics suitable for being a gamecock By looking at chickens that weigh between 2.7-3 kg, have a long tail, long and thick wings, or have a long neck, they will be kept separately. with special care Both the method of raising and feeding or vitamins, until at the age of about 8 months, will begin to experiment with fighting. There will be villagers from other provinces coming to buy.

    For broilers, there will be merchants to come and buy them. They will contact the group first to ask about the chicken needs. Then go to catch chickens in members’ houses that are ready for sale.

    Traders who come to buy chickens every week at least 20 chickens at a time will choose large chickens. Complete and with an average weight of 1.5-2 kg per body at the purchase price of 80-90 baht per male or female at the same price. as a purchase as a chicken The merchant then processed the whole body for sale at a price of about 150 baht each, often sold at a fresh market in Kaeng Khoi.

    The chicken dealer pointed out that Most of the chickens of this group of villagers are of high quality because they are raised in a systematic way in both care and medicine. thus making it a market demand. Moreover, the house chicken is popular with consumers because it has no fat, has pure meat, and is delicious for cooking.

    have agility
    Qualifications said that soon the group will install an incubator for members to hatch eggs. Once the chicks are born, vaccination is administered immediately. Therefore, this approach can help hatch the eggs that the villagers bring to be more effective than natural hatching. Moreover, when the chicks hatch, the group will vaccinate them for free. and then bring it back to the villagers to continue to feed

    Member of Ban Khao Cassilek Native Chicken Farmers Group
    Therefore, villagers can save costs from losing chickens. And it’s convenient that you don’t have to inject the vaccine yourself. It also helps the vaccine to meet the schedule set by the livestock. It is also cost effective to control the use of government vaccines.

    Chicken coop weaver is another occupation that plays a role in the village. Normally, Mr. Thanong, who has been working in chicken coop weaving for more than 10 years, will weave 70-80 leaves per year and weave only one person. Using ripe bamboo that can be found in the area to weave the chicken coop. Made in 2 sizes, small and large. The cost is to buy bamboo at 30 baht per boat, 2 randomly. Use 3 bamboo.

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