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    Play Hanoi lottery in 1 day easily

    Many people spend months studying how to buy lottery tickets online because they don’t know where to start. Where to read from What is something newbies should learn before and after? Today we intend to write an article. Easy way to play Hanoi lottery, real pay, high pay, tight information but not difficult to read, playable in 1 day for people who are wanting to buy lottery online. What will you learn in 1 day? Let’s learn together

    What is Hanoi Lottery?

    1) Hanoi Lottery is an online lottery that Thai players can buy via the Internet without having to buy and win prizes in Vietnam.

    2) Hanoi lottery is more special than other types of lottery where you can choose all numbers by yourself. Unlike Thai lotteries with limited numbers

    3) Answer the new generation’s lottery fans, quick-tempered, impatient because prizes are announced every day You don’t have to wait twice a month, like playing the lottery in the old fashioned way.

    4) Enjoy a variety of bets such as top 3 numbers, 3 top numbers, 2 top-bottom numbers, 3 top numbers and 2 bottom numbers. In addition, some websites to buy lottery online may have additional options. In addition to the above-mentioned bets as well.

    Hanoi lottery time and channel to see when results are announced

    Hanoi lottery draws prizes every day. Can play every day, 3 rounds per day, with the first round of prizes drawn at 5:30 PM. Can be viewed every day via Youtube or live on gambling websites or various online casinos or search google Check Hanoi Lottery Results

    Where can I play Hanoi lottery online?

    For how to play Hanoi lottery online For those who may not know the source for playing Hanoi lottery and other lottery online, which you can find very easy to play. According to the general online lottery website And of course, every web site must have a lottery for sure. But it depends on which website you choose to play. Which should look at the return of each website that pays how high? Try searching for it on google or looking at reviews, recommending lottery websites.

    Types of Hanoi Lottery

    – Hanoi lottery series

    Hanoi lottery series high risk than playing the normal Hanoi lottery But the advantage is that you will receive a high reward (the more you risk, the more you get profit) and have a chance to win more money than other methods of playing. Answer the question of people who understand the source of the risk. and take risks as well

    The Hanoi lottery draw will use the last 4 digits to be used in the draw (out of 5 numbers), in which one set can win up to 6 prizes. For the Hanoi lottery, the lottery will be drawn daily from 6:30 p.m. hrs according to Thailand time

    – Hanoi VIP lottery

    Hanoi VIP Lottery or Vietnam VIP Lottery will have the same playing method as normal Hanoi Lottery. There are 2 types to choose from, which are 3 numbers, 2 numbers and running numbers. How to play is to play as a lottery set. But it is different from normal Hanoi lottery. At the time of the award announcement will be 19.30 hrs.

    – Special Hanoi lottery

    Special Hanoi lottery or Vietnam Red Cross lottery It is the new lottery of the Vietnamese lottery. Betting rules will award a total of 5 numbers, the last 4 numbers will be used in the prize draw. Can choose to play 3 types, play 3 numbers, 2 numbers and running numbers There will be a prize draw time that is 1 hour faster than the Hanoi lottery, with results starting from 17.00 onwards

    How to play Hanoi lottery

    Although the Hanoi lottery has a method of playing that is similar to the Thai lottery. But there is a limitation that players can bet only 2 numbers and 3 numbers only, that is, 3 upper numbers, 3 Toad numbers, 2 upper numbers and เลขฮานอย lower running numbers. You can choose to play 3 and will use the numbers that come to announce the results as the first prize number. of the Hanoi lottery that is issued each day and each round only

    How to view Hanoi lottery results

    The results of the prize can be checked every day after 6:30 PM. As for how to view the prize results, it is easy to search the keyword “Hanoi Lottery Results”, refer to the major online lottery websites.

    How to play Hanoi lottery for profit, no loss

    Good and profitable Hanoi lottery Players may need to study the use of the calculation formula to help. and keep track of past lottery statistics to analyze which numbers come out most often But the technique that lottery masters often use is to use the method of playing front-swiping back or 19 goals betting.

    Another popular and perpetual method is to play by power day by day with the help of ‘stats’, by looking at the past stats how it is. Make a note of it and notice which ones come out often, once a week, maybe once every two weeks, for example. Money management in betting is also important. It allows you to lose less or not at all, should focus on playing accumulated every day. It’s best not to overdo it in one installment.

    How to choose an online casino site reliable to play Hanoi lottery

    Choose a website with a large number of real users: the more members, the more. The more you show and ensure that the website is actually paying. and no cheating
    Multiple communication channels : A website should have a variety of reliable communication channels to choose from. and actually works Before applying for membership, may try to contact first, such as Facebook page, Line, email or call center to use in contact.
    Open for service for a long time : period of service Able to indicate reliability, experience and being mobile enough. and ensuring that players will receive the full amount of money when they win
    There are clear terms of service: especially the details of the conditions of the rewards and payment. Players should read and understand carefully before deciding to apply and play. because if the website has no clear requirements When you win, you can be cheated.


    We understand that for beginners Buying Hanoi lottery is very confusing. From choosing a website to buy lottery tickets in Thailand

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