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    Cockfighting or cockfighting is an interesting sport having an adult and a legendary singer for life Or even many famous politicians who like this sport. In addition, it also creates a career for farmers who sell well. For example, police swords under the Phayao Provincial Police. Take time off after regular work raising gamecocks for sale Generate extra income to be substantial The selling price ranges from thousands to tens of thousands of baht.

    Adisorn Laengnil Police Sword, a police officer under the Phayao Provincial Police Take some free time after your regular job. Take care and give rice and water to their own gamecocks. Turned to make a supplementary career by raising gamecocks for sale. which can generate income for him as well Because the breed of gamecocks that they bring to culture will be a quality gamecock and is in demand in the market as well as having admirers after bringing gamecocks to the tournament As a result, there are people who travel to buy and buy at home continuously.

    Adisorn police sword said that in the past, even though he served as a policeman but is a person who is fond of farming After abstaining from police duties will do agriculture as a supplementary occupation which has failed many times until there was a senior who was a policeman together saying should be raising chickens because it is a farming operation that can set the price by yourself Therefore, the study of raising gamecocks was studied. by relying on local knowledge In addition, his father had knowledge of raising gamecocks. There has been a transfer of knowledge to the original capital. Therefore, he began to study and take action by raising gamecocks seriously. by bringing gamecocks that are native chickens in the north to raise But the habit of the gamecock breed of the north is good at stinging. but there will be no patience Then he has brought in chicken breeders that are breeds from the central region into the mix. until obtaining quality gamecock breeds There is good tact and water tolerance. which he will cultivate By the age of maturity to enter the ring will bring to the showdown After the tournament, it was found that there were people who liked the fighting style of their own chickens. and have interest therefore came to buy their own gamecocks Some of their own gamecocks will start at a price of 5,000 baht to 10,000 baht, which each time the gamecock reaches the age of being able to compete. There will be people who travel to buy continuously. Which themselves can be considered to be able to earn a good enough income with the aforementioned occupation And each month is able to produce chickens to the market. Average 9-10 gamecocks per month is considered a supplementary occupation that generates a good income.

    Interested in more details Or ซื้อขายไก่ชน want a gamecock to compete, contact Adisorn Laengnil Police Sword, a police officer under the Phayao Provincial Police.

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