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    The best thing about forum and blog contributions is that they are generally very down to earth, do not have complex medical terminology and often have real world advice that only experienced sufferers can impart to each other. Search for dry eye forums and dry eye blog. In the UK the NHS has developed an extensive database of patient advice information. We rank this source at number 2 because the style is relatively academic. Its as though the articles are written by doctors to pass scrutiny by other doctors.
    Reputable clinics will not ask for down payments. Next, do not trust money back guarantees; most trustworthy physicians know they cannot guarantee any results since most patients do not achieve 20/20 vision following surgery. Finally, ask for references; many good surgeons will have no problem providing you with some form of documentation to prove their success rate. Do not be afraid to ask other physicians for Tonicgreens Reviews recommendations for laser eye correction specialists. Check with local business bureaus and departments of consumer protection to find out if any complaints have been filed or if the doctor has been sued.
    Laser surgery is minimally invasive and requires no need for stitches or bandages. This allows for fast recovery, and lower risk of infection and fewer complications. Side effects are usually mild, generally resolve themselves, and are not terribly disrupting in most cases. If results begin to fade over the years, follow up procedures and modifications can be performed to keep vision at optimal levels. It is very important to thoroughly research all laser eye correction options, as well as to seek the advice and guidance of a licensed physician.
    Firstly, knowing that you have a vision problem and taking the steps to have it corrected could be crucial to your survival – be able to see clearly and be able to react promptly while doing one of life’s most common activities, driving, could literally spell the difference between life and death – you need to be able to quickly identify all traffic signs and signals while traveling in order to be the safest driver that you can be, and it’s very difficult to do that with poor vision. Having your vision problems corrected could also do wonders for your health.
    There are a couple of causes of dry eye problems. First, when the corneal flap is created during the Lasik procedure, either a steel blade or a laser must cut through the corneal tissue and corneal nerves are disrupted in the process. The deeper this cut, the more likely the disruption to nerve tissue. The laser reshaping of the cornea further disrupts the nerve tissue. During the time while the nerve tissue heals and regenerates, the reflex to tear and blink is significantly diminished; thus creating the dry eye problem.
    When your eyes are dry it can be difficult to concentrate on anything else. Common Dry Eye sensations:. * Foreign body / gritty irritation. * Redness / swollen appearance. * Eye-watering (paradoxically, dry eyes are often excessively watery). * Blurred vision and difficulty in reading. * Increased sensitivity to bright light. * Mucus around the eyelids on first waking. Dry Eyes are often caused by problems in the production of:. * Sticky Mucin is made on the eye surface to help the other tear layers remain on the eye.
    It might be that you could find a more comfortable lens… At first it bothered me to throw away lenses every day. Then when I thought about all the chemicals I no longer buy and all the eliminated time I had spent cleaning lenses, it didn’t seem so bad. Having fresh lenses all the time is a huge plus. Another lens in this family, the Moist version, has the same kind of feel and fit. It has a different design that’s extra moist to prevent the lens from drying your eyes. I like the feel of those as well or better than the regular 1 Day.
    The 1 Day Acuvue Contact Lens is so easy to care for and to wear. The savings in chemicals and time makes it worth a look. That’s saying nothing about the comfort and clear vision you get. Meibomian Gland Dysfunction refers to failure the tiny oil secreting glands that are located between the eyelashes on the edges of both upper and lower eyelids. These glands produce an oily film that covers the watery tear with a barrier layer that inhibits evaporation which in turn maintains a complete tear film coating that protects the eye for longer between blinks.

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