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    The NB technology can in principle be in contrast to the technology of roller bearings, however the movement patterns differ in the event that of NB bearings. The roller bearings function rotatorily, in case of NB bearings the parts moving analogously as a way to convey the force do the job translationally, which means in a very linear movement. Figuratively found, one can imagine a NB bearing to be a roller bearing which is unwound while in the plane. Both tracks are parallel together and the respective roller bearing is found in the gap; the roller bearing however consists of either tennis balls or rolls. The transmission of the force in the rolling contact comes about analogously to the roller having, whereby the unwanted associates with machine parts may also be prevented. The difference is manifested from the rotation of the rolling elements, tracking and return take place in case of NB technology by virtue of an linear motion.

    NB bearings work extremely well, for instance, in branding machines, flame cutting devices, all types of presses, as well as around computers and measurement systems. NB bearings are in addition used for constructing sliding devices such as linear tables. The purpose of NB bearings in cases like this is constantly friction-free guiding of an straight-line motion of an element of a machine, which actually represents the important difference between NB bearings and also ball bearings.

    In process, the term of NB know-how goes beyond the simple force transmission, drive components may also be integrated in the part of guiding elements, in which difference created from between rotational drives (toothed belt drive) as well as linear drives (ball mess drive or roller drive) The NB technology in cases like this is normally characterised by the limited stroke.

    NB bearings usually are manufactured by e. gary. SKF or FAG. Braun will gladly be to use around the clock and offer information on its extensive assortment and thus ensure the correct selection of the bearing type.

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