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    Having main character energy is equated to being a protagonist in a film, expressed through reel videos that double up as a montage of memories with friends and fun pictures from past vacations. Popular amongst Gen-Z and younger millennials, this movement is meant to celebrate ordinary days and moments, especially in the wake of pandemic-mandated social isolation. Endless days of Zoom meetings at home instead of being out and about can feel slightly less sombre if you think of yourself as the star of a movie. Bonus points if you’ve imagined yourself navigating the work-in-progress stage of your life to an inspiring background score or a fabulous dress-up routine (Poo dancing to It’s Raining Men while getting ready for college in K3G). You have to start thinking of yourself as the main character. Because if you don’t, life will continue to pass you by and all the little things that make it so beautiful will continue to go unnoticed. main character energy; users.sch.gr,; it’s a phrase that has been thrown around so often on social media nowadays and oftentimes it can feel confusing as to understand what it actually means. “You have to start romanticizing your life. You have to start thinking about yourself as the main character,” the audio track croons over a twinkly, indie filmic soundtrack. Thanks to this audio and other “main character” trends, over the last year, TikTok has been inspiring people to harness main character energy in their everyday lives. According to Kate Rosenblatt—a therapist and senior clinical manager at Talkspace—main character syndrome refers to identifying as the protagonist in your own life story. However, the main character syndrome is not an actual mental-health diagnosis as it only exists in pop culture with the influence of movies. But the term ‘main character’ always refers to someone who is self-centered, believes the people around them live to support them, and views themself as the main character of their life. Kate Rosenblatt and other experts break down four key red flags that can tell you whether you, inadvertently, are the main character in the group. There are people out there who have no problem making themselves the center of attention—whether it’s on purpose or by accident. They’re the type to give themselves a bigger role in a story than they actually played, and they walk around as though they have a special theme song curated just for their lives (think “Bad Reputation” from 10 Things I Hate About You). We’re talking about the Elle Woods and Regina Georges of the world, you know, people who boast what TikTok has dubbed #MainCharacterEnergy. But, before we get all judgy, this phenomenon may actually have something to do with the stars. Below, check out the four zodiac signs with main character energy. Acquire that vlogger mentality; document the beauty in your everyday life, capture funny moments with friends or even take a mirror selfie when you’re proud of a certain fit. It’s important to reflect on history and it’s nice to reminisce about good memories.

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