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    You then add one hundred for each hour, so 1 a.m. Is 0200 (zero two hundred) hours and so forth. Conversion Chart – Minutes to Hundredths of an Hour Enter time in Oracle Self Service as hundredths of an hour. Determine if the number you’re converting is greater or lesser than 12. The U.S. Military refers to this time zone as Zulu Time, and they attach the “Zulu” (Z) suffix, to ensure the time-zone referred to is clear. “The Commander wants to see you at fifteen hundred (1500) hrs,” means you need to be in the Commander’s office at three p.m., local time. When using local time, the Military observes Daylight Savings Time, if recognized by the state or country that the base is located in. The issue of time in this scenario is important because while it may not have been a major factor during the Civil War, it was certainly an issue that came up after the war ended. In fact, it was even something that was discussed during the Mexican-American War, which is considered the first of the “modern wars”. Navy began setting up its Military Timekeeping Service, it was originally designed for military purposes only. In the event you loved this article and you want to receive more details with regards to web site kindly visit our webpage. This included keeping track of military bases and planning operations around the world. Military time is a relatively recent concept. While most people can easily work with it, it’s going to take a little bit of time to get used to it. Thanks for reading my article and sending your comment! Please note that I do not place links to other web sites on this blog. In Military Time, midnight can be displayed as 0000 or 2400, both are acceptable. Military time provides crucial clarity in emergency rooms and other high-stakes situations. Automatically calculate the total hours for payroll.

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