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    When spoken, military time is stated in hundreds, i.e. 0500 would be “zero five hundred” or “oh five hundred”. The use of military time helps avoid any misunderstandings between am and pm times. UTC, the central and most widely used time zone, is assigned the letter Z and is pronounced Zulu time. The official spelling of the A and J time zones is “Alfa” and “Juliett.” Nowadays, however, the English spellings, “Alpha” and “Juliet,” are more widely used. Military time is a format for expressing time based on the 24-hour clock. It uses a special notation and pronunciation geared toward clarity and conciseness. Here’s more info regarding website have a look at our own web page. The best way to learn military time is to practice! This means that Clockify’s time tracker can recognize both military and standard time, as well as different variations of both of these methods. Military time is a US term used to describe a timekeeping method otherwise known as the 24-hour clock. The Egyptians later combined night and day into equal parts measured in hours, which created the first 24-hour clock. A comparison of 12 hour clock times and matching military 24 hour clock times using a Military Time Chart. Military time uses the same number of minutes per hour. It is just a different format in which you can express time. While converting a time from one format to another, there is no need to convert minutes. The first American branch of the military to use a 24-hour clock was the United States Navy in 1920. Army wouldn’t use such methods until 1942 during World War II, continuing the trends seen with military forces getting on the same page due to the globalization of warfare. To make it even more confusing, the number changes when the United States observes Daylight Savings Time (DST). The East Coast of the United States will be denoted with the Q letter (Quebec) during Daylight Savings Time.

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