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    “Precise time is crucial to navigation, geographical positioning for locating forces and targets, and secure communications,” according to the Encyclopedia of Military Science. “Military time, therefore, is more than a method for counting the hours. It’s also an authoritative source of time and a set of methods to disseminate synchronized time worldwide.” In military time, as numbers are not reused, but instead, each hour has its own number. Now that we know the reasons why military time is used, we can discuss its benefits. As we have been discussing, a benefit of military time is minimizing ambiguity and making things crystal clear. Aside from that, the associative precision is reliable. It does not take too much time to become accustomed to either. Its “proof” is a coffin lid called the “Diagonal Star Table”. The military time system was believed to have been synchronized with constellation patterns passing the sky in early Egyptian culture. Therefore, if you are traveling or communicating with someone in a country that runs on “military time,” you will be familiar with their schedule.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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