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    The hours are numbered from 00 to 23, with 00 representing midnight and 23 representing 11 PM. The primary purpose of a Military Time chart is to create a simple link between both the military time and regular time formats. It is similar to any other conversion table that bridges two quantities on a common parameter. As per a general rule, military time lacks the time separator (dot or colon) present between the hour and minutes. While military format requires saying the leading zero, regular time format has done away with it. An Army Time chart serves the purpose of converting one time format into the other that complies with the standard guidelines. The military time conversion chart below will allow you to easily read or convert military time. Making it simple to take standard (regular) AM/PM time and quickly convert it to military time (24-hour time) or vice versa. Our Free Editable Military Time Chart Templates will be very useful in creating military time charts for training, timekeeping, schedules, and conversion. And while these templates are available for free, they are also all fully customizable. With our ever-convenient, easy-to-use, and built-in editor tool, simply drag-and-drop elements like stock images, backgrounds, layouts, and even vector illustrations. You can also change text styles, banners, and fonts, to further highlight your chart and improve clarity.

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