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    It’s up to them whether they run the clock from 0001 to 2400 or run the clock from 0000 to 2359. These rules may be changed depending on the occasion and then the official guide will be updated with those changes. Military time also has conventions for concerning to certain time zones on the basis of the rules surrounding how to refer to the hours of the day per se. For instance, they say 0300 and 1500 instead of saying 3 a.m. To make difference between morning and afternoon times. This is the standard in many countries and known as the 24 hour clock. Military time is a system of keeping time that splits a day into 24 hours, beginning at midnight and ending at midnight. The interval notation most often used across the globe is military time. In countries where people use standard AM/PM time, military time is typically used to refer to the modified 24-hour timekeeping used by the military and government agencies. Welcome to the Math Salamanders’ Military Time Chart page. On this webpage, you will find a chart to help you to convert from standard to military time, and from military time to standard time. Then, rewrite the time in regular time by placing the hours and minutes with a colon, and adding pm since the hours were greater than 12. You can convert military time to regular time in a few simple steps. You can convert military time to a regular 12-hour time using several methods; we’ll cover a few here. With military time, the day starts at hours and ends at 24 hours. Designation, just the one 24-hour period that occurs once a day. It’s almost impossible to get the time wrong when you use military time. So, what are the main benefits of using the chart for military time conversion?

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