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    Ours is produced in collaboration with Duplo Design, a Guadalajara, Mexico-based design firm founded by sisters Marcela and Tania Medina. We make some of our most popular and most delicious dishes with molcajetes. Although these tools have been used to create some of the most traditional recipes, we always add our own twist to make our Mexican food unique. In the pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican period, the molcajete had a lid and the set was believed to be used for burial of members in society of high status. The matching hand-held grinding tool, known as a tejolote , is made of the same basalt material. You can think of a molcajete as a broader, shallower mortar with a twist. Lastly, a volcanic rock mortar and pestle is a traditional Mexican tool that’s also called a molcajete. This mortar and pestle falls into the category of sturdier natural rock sets. One great thing about using a volcanic rock mortar is that over time, just like a cast iron skillet, certain flavours are absorbed into it. This can lend a nice taste to what ever it is that you are grinding. Back before everyone in Mexico had blenders , cooks used their molcajete to make their daily salsas. These heavy lava rock bowls were, and still are, indispensable in salsa making. This kitchen tool has been an important one in the history of Mexico and its culinary culture. A traditional Mexican stone tool, equivalent in function to a mortar and pestle, used for grinding food. Once your molcajete has been cured it can be used to make delicious homemade salsas, guacamoles, pestos, and much more. Before you use your Molcajete for the first time, it needs to be cleaned and cured, a process not dissimilar from seasoning Carbon Steel. This removes any stone dust or grit from the material’s surface, prevents it from being mixed into the food you’re preparing, and stops food from getting stuck in the volcanic stone’s large pores. You can get a great molcajete from our friends at HERNÁN.

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