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    Okay, notice first that there are a total of 7 words in this first verse which is the number of completion. To scientists, and those who demand proof, the answer is possibly. The rationalists often point to the statistical probability of recognizable patterns. For instance, take any book, even Moby Dick for instance, and word patterns are bound to turn up if you look hard enough! Taking this one step further, we can argue that even individual numbers mean something different depending on one’s religious beliefs, traditions and even country of origin. Mispar Meshulash – This method calculates the value of each letter as the cube of the standard value. Numerology evolved over time by also absorbing influences of Christian mysticism, Gnosticism, the Vedas, and eastern esotericism, yet is said to have its roots in Pythagorean mathematics. Pythagoras was an ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician (570 to 490 BCE) who became known as the grandfather of mathematics. In this example the hidden numerical symbolism between the serpent of temptation and the Redeemer (Messiah) becomes visible. The snake power is partly responsible for the fall from the Garden of Eden but also for the return to the lost paradise. That is why in Gnostic illustrations there are parallels between Jesus and the serpent. For those who have just about any questions with regards to exactly where and how you can utilize webpage, it is possible to e mail us at our own site. If you have already tried all possible ways and have not found satisfactory answers, we recommend the in-depth courses of the Hermetic Academy. Completely different words that appear to have a completely different meaning can still have the same numerical value in Gematria, which then indicates an occult relationship or analogy. I once heard from one of the earlier Chasidisher Rebbe’s that said that Gematria’s need to match in the higher spheres. Then when we bring it down on this world if it doesn’t add up, we use different methods like, כולל, אותיות, א”ת ב”ש, etc… Ever seen those extremely annoying banner-ads that proclaim that you name has a magical meaning? Ever wonder how they manage to extract values from something as simple as a name? Well if you promise not to make another banner then i’ll share the secret (he said with a scary voice). The numbers from 500 to 900 were also sometimes represented by the sufit (end) forms of five characters.

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