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    hi everyone and welcome back to my

    channel so for the past one and a half

    months i’ve been

    learning touch typing or how to type

    without looking

    at the keyboard using all 10 fingers i

    was used to

    only using my two index finger index

    fingers which made me

    quite an average typer probably like

    most of you watching

    most things actually don’t require you

    to go through hours

    of online lessons which some websites


    for learning touch typing i took a

    different approach that i’m going to

    show you

    in a minute which uses two websites

    only five minutes per day of fun

    practice and in a couple of weeks you

    will type faster than

    you are doing right now with all 10

    fingers and without looking

    at your keyboard there’s only one month

    or a total of five hours of practice

    between this guy right here

    and this guy right here

    so let me quickly tell you the three

    reasons that motivated me and should

    motivate you to

    learn this skill first it’s less hard

    than you think

    only a couple of minutes each day are

    enough to

    learn this skill there wasn’t one day

    that i missed because

    i was looking forward to it each day i

    think mostly because of the way how i

    chose to

    learn touch typing and one other thing i

    did which i will also

    show you in a minute reason number two

    probably the biggest motivation

    is the time you will save by learning

    this technique

    i love to improve my productivity and to

    leverage my time

    there’s no doubt that touch typing is a

    high leverage activity you should take


    if you type a lot if you spend 30

    minutes a day typing over the course of

    a year that adds up to

    seven and a half days of typing non-stop

    the average typing speed is about

    40 words per minute and touch typing can

    boost that to 60 to 80 words per minute

    which is a 50 to 100

    increase um if your typing speed

    increases just by 50

    through touch typing you will end up

    saving about half a year of time

    throughout your life which is kind of

    amazing this is of course most relevant

    if you’re doing a lot of typing which is

    quite likely the case as you’re watching

    this video

    writing is quickly growing into a major

    part of my day

    to get your work outside into the public


    need to somehow make yourself hurt

    even if you’re using your voice as a

    medium of transmission like here on


    in general you need to write some kind

    of script because you want to be concise

    to only take

    as much time of your listener as is

    really necessary

    and reason number three lastly it feels

    and looks

    just really cool and tyep test can actually spare

    you quite some

    some neck tension because you don’t have

    to look at your keyboard right i also

    bought a stand for my for my macbook and

    revive the magic mouse

    and keyboard that i have from my old


    to make it an even better experience

    learning touch typing really reminded me

    of learning how to play guitar

    and piano what happens during the

    process is you build muscle memory

    muscle memory or procedural memory is a

    type of motor learning

    and happens in the brain through the act

    of repetition your brain cements actions

    into its neural pathways so that

    the movement becomes kind of second

    nature it’s the science behind

    why you don’t forget how to ride a bike

    or why after

    if you’re a musician after years of not

    practicing a particular song

    you will still be able to play it on

    your guitar without looking at your


    your brain just knows which muscles to

    fire next okay now let’s

    move to how you can learn touch typing

    the two websites

    i used are kbr.com for my daily three


    of practice followed by a speed check at

    ten fastfingers.com i actually

    took these from or learned about these


    ala ali abdel from his youtube channel


    should definitely check it out it’s a

    great channel i really admire him

    i’ve linked both websites in the

    description apart from the practice

    being a lot of fun

    somehow maybe that’s only my weird

    perception of what fun is

    i tracked my my progress in a

    spreadsheet and i found that this


    helped me to be consistent each day i

    was looking

    forward to measure my speed and wanted

    to have my my learning curve always

    going up

    which then the next day motivated me to


    even better than the day before

    just see how you’re getting better day

    after day

    that’s what i use 10 fast fingers force

    let’s have a look um at this website

    so yeah it’s pretty basic um you have

    these words

    uh that you are supposed to type in um

    which actually

    the 300 most common words in the english


    as opposed to qbr where most of the

    words are actually made up

    the website then tracks your typing

    speed over the course of one minute and

    then gives you a number which is your

    word per minute count and then you put


    into your spreadsheet if you want to do

    that um

    yeah i i really enjoyed this it’s really

    simple but

    a lot of fun somehow so there’s two

    things i would leave you with before

    starting to

    practice check which finger is delegated

    to which key let’s have a look at

    kbr.com so that’s how the website looks


    the words are as i said mostly made up


    you will start typing

    qbr uses an algorithm that advances one

    finger at

    a time waiting for you to reach a

    certain level of confidence and speed

    for that key before moving to the next

    before moving to a new key check which

    finger to hit it with

    i once mistakenly started using my right

    index finger

    for the letter b and it was really a lot

    of effort to make it right if it does


    make the effort and correct it it’s

    worth it it’s quite difficult though i

    tell you

    so better check beforehand your starting


    is the always always the home row which

    is basically the middle row on your


    and the little knobs on the f and j key

    if you’ve ever wondered are for your

    index fingers

    um they just help you to orient yourself

    your hands on the keyboard without

    having to to look at the keyboard

    so then let your fingers curve naturally

    when placed on the home row

    from here each finger has its keys that

    are so depicted here if you want to take

    a screenshot

    while typing you should not rest your


    on your laptop or on the table it

    enables you to

    move more freely over the over your


    and also gives your hands a more natural

    posture tip number two is that you

    should never look at the keyboard just


    it’s what we are trying to move away

    from so just don’t build a bad habit


    from the start right another thing that

    i remembered

    from learning how to play guitar

    is that when you are practicing on kbr


    type faster than you think you’re able


    most people tend to be cautious and

    really hit the right key

    but thankfully there’s no punishment

    for hitting the wrong keys it even has

    advantages to prioritize speed

    in this case because you will always


    at the edge of your skill level and not

    get too comfortable

    at a certain stage it’s also more

    efficient to build the necessary muscles


    now see what practice feels right for

    you i found that

    practicing touch typing a bit before

    starting to work

    on different things was a great

    icebreaker for when

    i’m sitting in front of my macbook

    having an endless amount

    of things i need to work on

    most of them i don’t know how to do and

    don’t know how where to start so hey

    might just

    as well get five minutes of touch typing


    from my to-do list right most of the


    though already a couple of minutes into

    practice i need to stop because

    ideas start popping into my head somehow

    the action of typing makes my brain run


    and i get really creative which then

    makes it very easy to ease into my

    daily tasks maybe you’ll have the same


    one last thing that i stumbled over

    while going through my notes for this

    video during

    the first weeks i experienced some pain

    in my lower arms

    while practicing and i was wondering if

    that was normal i made sure not to

    overdo it

    but still got in my couple of minutes of

    practice each day

    um so don’t worry it worked out well

    probably it’s just a new set of muscles

    that need

    to get used to the new activity so

    that’s it

    i wish you good luck with your practice

    feel free to put your comments

    questions and your own experiences into

    the comment section

    thank you very much for watching and

    talk to you next time

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