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    No changes will be made to your account until you’re ready to upload them. Let’s say, for example, you’re researching the keyword “how to start a blog” for an article you want to create. “Blog” can mean a blog post or the blog website itself, and what a searcher’s intent is behind that keyword will influence the direction of your article. Does the searcher want to learn how to start an individual blog post? Or do they want to know how to actually launch a website domain for the purposes of blogging? If your content strategy is only targeting people interested in the latter, you’ll need to make sure of the keyword’s intent before committing to it. Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence offers a Keyword Gap tool that helps you analyze which keywords are sending traffic to you versus your competitors. It’s an excellent way to spot opportunities, keyword wins, and losses. Our Keyword Gap tool is the most sophisticated in the industry. You can use its insights to understand which keywords to prioritize to maximize traffic share, then implement these understandings into your SEO and paid search strategies. It might not be among the best keyword research tools when stacked up against the premium options on this list, but for being 100% free, it’s a solid addition to any keyword research toolbox. Find relevant keywords from our database of over 8 billion queries. Just enter up to ten words or phrases and choose from one of six keyword ideas reports. There are so many reasons why we love Jungle Scout, with their Keyword Scout tool being one of the main ones. You can collect high-ranking keywords based on crucial data points showing both precise and broad search volumes. Plus, they have a reverse ASIN search so you can see exactly what buyers are searching for. The web giant is a video-based search engine that selects videos to show to certain audiences. Search for keywords using Ahrefs, and you’ll receive a lot of helpful data beyond what you might expect. This tool shows information for every keyword, including search volume, competition, and organic click-through rate.

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