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    It also only checks the number of keys pressed and not which of them were used at any point in time, which sets it apart from any other keyloggers. An online tool called the keyboard counter allows you to check whether any key on your keyboard is functioning properly or not. For your convenience, it also keeps track of the overall number of key presses. By eliminating the need to repeatedly visit a local PC repair shop to test a certain keyboard key, this application will save you time and money. Not only check keys but it helps you count your keys in a specific time. WorkTime keystroke counter can be used instead of the Windows 10 and Windows 11 keylogger. Here’s more info in regards to web page take a look at our web site. Thanks to our non-invasive employee monitoring model, our tools do not compromise confidential information or violate employee privacy. Another alternative to keylogging is the keyboard keystroke counter, which is the most advanced WorkTime solution. It shows the same level of performance as a keylogger but without breaking confidentiality or putting pressure on the employee. The keystroke counter assesses an employee’s performance by the number of keystrokes in each application or site, but it does not intercept typed text. Also, the app from Zhornsoftware doesn’t monitor which keys were pressed, only how many times you did the pressing. This program offers helpful information for writers looking to monitor the periods at which they have productivity spurts and when they fall into a writer’s block. Also, this works for gamers looking to check their actions per minute rating – a key metric in the professional gaming scene. A keyboard keystroke counter is a non-invasive tool that cannot intercept text or compromise the security of the company and its employees. The main difference between a keylogger and a keystroke counter is that the latter only reads the number of keystrokes.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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