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    OnTheClock simplifies the time-conversion process by eliminating the need to convert times manually. Our time clock has the ability to display time in either a 12-hour or 24-hour format — one of our many customizable features designed to meet your needs. Your first 30 days of OnTheClock are free — get started today. Twice a year, you’ll need to factor in Daylight Saving Time (DST), in which many countries adjust their clocks. Each country determines its specific time change procedures. These clock adjustments are made in the spring and fall, usually from mid-to-late-March and late-October to early November. As some marketing content is seasonal, be sure to keep in mind that spring in the Northern Hemisphere begins in March, while March marks the start of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. The widget helps you figure out the equivalent of times on the standard 12-hour clock to those of the 24-hour military clock, as well as the reverse. Note that the colon between the hour and minutes is omitted in writing military time. Generally, when conversing with other military personnel in the same time zone, you will use the local time zone rather than GMT. With military time, the day starts at hours and ends at 24 hours. Designation, just the one 24-hour period that occurs once a day. It’s almost impossible to get the time wrong when you use military time. In military time, 0000 or “zero hundred hours” is the correct way to indicate midnight (12 am). That said, you will find that people use both 2400 and 0000 interchangeably. The first option for converting from civilian to military time is to use a military time chart, such as the one in the image below. For instance, 0333 can be read as zero-three hundred thirty-three hours. The history of military time can be dated back to the Early Egyptians in the 11th Dynasty.

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