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    Networking can seem intimidating but is often an integral part of achieving success. The good news is with today’s technology, networking doesn’t have to mean fake smiling and making small talk with strangers at networking events. Networking can also mean joining online groups like LinkedIn and Twitter

    Take the short cut to success in everything that you do. The short cut requires your complete focus! The short cut to success must be about serving others with humility. Everything must be about your family, your profession and your community. Then and only then will it be about you.

    That is what the teleconference was about: What we must do to be successful in today’s economic climate. In the 60 minute conference, the moderator listed the 5 most important actions we must take if we want to continue to thrive over the next 12 months.

    Sensitivity to others’ feelings and concerns and a willingness to respect their perspective; valuing the differences in how people feel about things; the capacity to trust and be trusted, to forgive and be forgiven.

    The world does not work that way and you should not either. I am afraid to say that those who wait will be fated to wait forever. This is not a Hollywood movie where you plant your seed and wait for the magic beanstalk to grow.

    Do not make this mistake and it is time to change your attitude and concentrate on the positives of life. You are in danger of being alone and when it is too late to realise it, you will realise that there is no on there for you anymore.

    Why does it seem so difficult to think positive thoughts. Why is negativity so easy compared to positive thinking. The Law of Attraction states that positive thoughts expand energy attracting more positive influence from the Universe, and negative thoughts constrict energy reducing the flow of positive influence back to you.

    But when the pendulum swings on it’s own to the other side, which it always does, Manifestation Wizard Reviews the same people will have new experiences to learn, to live, and to complete their “Earthly duties.” Their souls will be more complete and make our Universal awareness and appreciation that much sweeter.

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