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    Foreign lottery such as Hanoi lottery that is very popular in the field of numbers masters. Because there are bets that are easy to understand. Many websites offer good payout rates. Plus, prizes are distributed throughout the week. There are so many advantages that lottery masters will miss.

    Many people who are starting to be interested in playing the Hanoi lottery. but still hesitating how to start playing In this article, we will bring all lottery masters to know how to play Hanoi lottery easily and understand at once. You will learn by hand. Have a notebook and pen ready. And let’s start learning how to become a winner together.

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    Know the Hanoi lottery before becoming a winner
    Before starting to learn how to play the Hanoi lottery All players need to know the basics before that. What is Hanoi Lottery? Of course, a lottery fan knows that Hanoi lottery is one of the most popular foreign lottery types in Thailand. In which the Thai dealer has modified the method of playing the Hanoi lottery for Thai lottery fans to bet with each other in a fun way. It also answers the question of gamblers very much. with the frequency of the award

    In addition, the method of playing the Hanoi lottery is similar to the Thai underground lottery. Where you can buy lucky numbers to win with the Vietnam lottery every day. Every holiday at 6:30 PM via the Vietnam Awards website

    The Hanoi lottery cannot be bought directly. from Vietnam but must be purchased through a lottery dealer website that accepts various lottery betting

    How to play the Hanoi lottery is easy to understand.
    If you are already a person who bets online lottery Bet on Hanoi lottery or Vietnam lottery will not be difficult for you. Because the method of playing the Hanoi lottery uses the same system as the underground lottery betting in Thailand. But if anyone who has never tried Let’s learn how to play Hanoi lottery easily. together

    How to play the Hanoi lottery is easy to understand.
    1. stab the top 3
    Placing bets on 3 numbers that must be matched with the last 3 digits exactly for a special prize (Đặc biệt) by playing Hanoi Lottery It is interesting that the payout rate on each site is high. Because this reward is high risk. Newbies learning to play must think carefully before stabbing.

    The payout rate is about 900 baht per baht.

    2. Thrust 3 tot
    How to play the Hanoi lottery in the next way is a triple stab as usual But it is a 3-digit bet that has the same number as the last 3 digits of the special prize (Đặc biệt) and can alternate 6 types because this method is another distribution of more chances of winning. Focus on small bets, not a lot, but rely on eating profits often

    The payment rate is about 135 baht per baht.

    3. stab the top 2
    How to bet on the top 2 lottery numbers is that you have to bet on the last 2 numbers on the top to match the last 2 prize numbers of the special prize (Đặc biệt). This method of playing Hanoi lottery will help to spread the risk. to create an opportunity to win prizes as well But let’s add that the newbie should try to bet because the payout rate is not less.

    The payout rate is about 95 baht per baht.

    4. stab the bottom 2
    Another way to play Hanoi lottery that will help you have an increased chance of winning is to bet on the bottom 2 numbers, where the numbers you choose to bet must match the last 2 prize numbers of the first prize (Giải nhất).

    The payout rate is about 95 baht per baht.

    5. Bet on the number running on
    Introducing how to play Hanoi lottery that creates great chances for gamblers. Newbies who want to build confidence should not miss it. Because this method uses only one of the top 3 numbers, if only 1 enters, เลขฮานอย it is considered a prize. Let’s say the top 3 prize numbers are 356. If you run the number 5, you won.

    The payout rate is about 3.2 baht per baht.

    6. Bet on the lower running number
    The playing style is similar to betting on the top running numbers that are based primarily on the upper numbers. But this way of playing Hanoi lottery is based on the lower numbers. Use one of the bottom two numbers. If only 1 enters, then you win. For example, the bottom two prize numbers are 58, but you run 7, you don’t win.

    The payment rate is about 4.2 baht per baht.

    How to check Hanoi lottery
    When learning how to play Hanoi lottery, enough to understand. Another step that should not be overlooked is the reward check. In order to know the result, it is necessary to refer to the announcement of the award from Vietnam. And you can check the results of each draw yourself on ketqua.net.

    Hanoi Lottery Draw
    Hanoi lottery results will be announced in total 27 prizes, but for Hanoi lottery betting in Thailand Only reference numbers will be used for the top 3 numbers of the special prize and the bottom 2 numbers of the first prize only.

    The check of the results that day will bring three numbers and two numbers. The last digits of the prize Đặc biệt come out, the top 3 numbers, the top 3 numbers, and the top 2 numbers, then bring the last two numbers of the Giải nhất prize to come out the bottom 2 numbers to check your bet numbers.

    Ways to buy Hanoi lottery
    Any gambler can easily buy Hanoi lottery through the website. Just having a reliable lottery betting website And the payout rate is worth it, and we have 5 websites that have been recommended by Vietnamese lottery fans for everyone to choose from. Is there any website to look at?

    Play Hanoi lottery for profit
    Have already learned how to play the Hanoi lottery. It’s not that you can play and make a profit immediately. so that you can win the prize like a master Therefore, we have prepared a trick to enhance the army of how to play the Hanoi lottery to gain another level of profit. I can assure you that these methods will definitely reduce the risk for you.

    Find lucky numbers by faith.
    A gambler who wins often There may be some dependency Whether from beliefs, dreams, or important situations in the country that occur including the doctor’s office with hints of the Hanoi lottery as accurate as if laying down and with more accessible technology causing a group to share many lucky numbers

    Probable Probability
    Probability will reduce your risk for you. If you are not a moo Trusting the data more than this is another way to be right. Because it’s a way for you to reference stats.

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