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    <br> Initially, sexyassnude.Com I found it kind of odd that this guy I barely knew suddenly wanted to hang out, but I agreed anyway since he seemed pretty chill. Garnie said that I should leave this guy right away bc he’s a shitty, horny dude who thinks he’s the shit and doesn’t gaf about girls’ feelings and doesn’t respect their boundaries (it sounded like she was hinting at a date-rape situation from three years ago but I wasn’t sure bc she didn’t want to specify). I don’t know why I acted so irrationally that I would legit walk to a stranger’s home but I was in an emotionally vulnerable state bc of my family situation and also since my girlfriends were being distant bc they didn’t want to deal with my unstable and emotional behaviour (I’m usually very cheerful and upbeat at school and try to spread positivity). Monday evening, I was on a call with a girlfriend (17F, Garnie) who I told this situation to and she was absolutely freaking out of her mind because she and her other friend, Kara, (his ex gf from three years ago) also did stuff with him three years ago. I bring up to Vincent the fact that i was on a call with Garnie and he immediately looks concerned.<br>

    <br> I honestly became so upset learning this (while justifying in my head it happened a long time ago and that he’s probably changed) and I was also feeling a bit angry that Vincent was asking out another girl (even though I wasn’t in a relationship with him, perhaps it was the fact that he shifted his attention to sb new? Idk, ig I’m just entitled) that I thought I would feel less terrible about myself and my body if I did the same thing as he did. As soon as you step off the plane, in fact. She’s hot.” (Sherry screenshotted his text and sent it to me) I felt a mix of flattery and disgust that that was how he talked about me. How could I think she’s unattractive. I think Carter’s role in that victory will end up being that he paved the way through his focus on the Helsinki Accords and their emphasis on human rights. And if it’s someone who comments on my writing with a negative nasty opinion with hopes to find retaliation from me, or to make me feel bad, well; they will learn that I have learned that it’s not worth it.<br>

    <br> I acknowledge that many other countries have a long way to go and yes, they do need a feminist movement because their situations are extreme. He always makes up some excuse to call but ends up not talking about anything important at all, but I try to be available for all my friends since he always claims to need help with some random grammar thing or a language assignment (both of which he thinks I’m good at). Arnold said Vincent also has a tendency of talking about girls like some list of achievements or sth which made me quite uncomfortable, but he assured me that he was kind inside and that girls just need to see that side of him. For those with larger families, I often see neglect, older children parenting and the kids just seem to be there but taking care of themselves. But how often do you see an 85-year-old coke addict?<br>

    <br> Avon felt ganged up by the two of us but he privately texted Sherry that “it was seriously a joke. On my way back home I was in tears for a full two hours and during this exact same day, a pilot (24M) I met last summer calls me and makes some suggestions that we hookup (which weren’t all that blatantly bad, but I felt very violated bc I had just been crying about the thing with stranger and I also felt like it was age inappropriate for him to do that). I follow his advice and sent Vincent a long apology through text that day, saying that I shouldn’t have judged him etc and I hope he doesn’t take it to heart (which he then screenshotted it and sent it to Arnold claiming that I sound like I was “a lot of trouble to deal with” – Arnold comes tell me this the next day in person (Thursday) and warns me to be careful about Vincent’s intentions even though he literally said Vincent was the kindest soul the day before. Turns out they share everything we each other and he even admitted to me that Vincent has a history for going for girls Arnold expressed some interest in (he’d always let Vincent each time).<br>

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