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    Family is the first bond that we have the moment we are born, they are the people that helped us shaped our future. They helped us become who we are today. Typically, a primary family consists of two parents and a child or children. But families aren’t as generic as that, any person who have helped you your whole life or just anyone that you consider very close to you and knows you as a person, can be considered as your family. There are people who don’t have complete family, in other words broken family. And some families have their loved ones work overseas, in the Philippines, they are called Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs.

    OFWs are people that endured to live away from their usual environment, work for a different management, in a different country, and the worst of all, away from their families to be able to earn a living that could feed them. When you live in a place you’ve never been to, and you’re all alone, no one to talk to, people tend to feel lonely and homesick. Sometimes, there are people who come home immediately after a few months or their first year in other countries as they cannot handle their homesickness.

    Watching Philippine TV shows helped people, especially OFWs to conquer their homesickness. They feel as if they are still in the Philippines, and in some way, they feel connected to their loved ones even just by watching classic TV shows that they once were watching while they’re in their home country.

    Filipino families in general also have deep connections with Philippine TV shows, they watch the longest running noontime shows every day and laugh with the host’s jokes. If you are you looking for more information about TelePinoy.su review our page. And in the afternoon, they watch soap operas and drama series which sometimes depicts their own situations. These programs make them feel and go through a roller coaster of emotions every day. Just like what other shows and stories have, drama TV series also has their lessons about life. This affects the Filipino families as the programs address different aspects in life. The most famous theme of shows and movies in the Philippines are about families, mistresses, and affair. Although, there are shows that are intended for younger audience, those kinds of TV shows are undoubtedly one of the most watched in the Philippine television. It is also very prominent in the Philippines that some families are broken because of affairs, therefore these shows are what most Filipino families relate to.

    In conclusion, TV shows are not just for entertainment, it can also touch the hearts of its audience and could even stir different emotions and feelings that makes them more attached to these shows. The most important part of these programs are not the plot twists or the good acting and story line, but the impact that they leave to the viewers which will be remembered for the years to come even when the program already ended. To some, it might not be just a TV show, but something that gives them the idea and feeling that they are not alone in their situation as other people are also going through something, if not the same as theirs.

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