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    It also assists in showing relevant searches based on user intent. You can do quick searches for PAA examples using tools like AlsoAsked.com or AnswerThePublic. Both tools build a web of questions around the subject you enter. Questions, and AlsoAsked.com uses a branching technique that takes popular questions and follows what people search from there. Both can provide valuable insight about the questions you should answer. SEO tools like SEMRush also have questions people ask as part of their keyword strategy sections. Here you want to understand how this person best works, and if that works for you and your team. Do they try to understand the problem before they start designing? How do they collaborate remotely, which is rapidly becoming the new norm? After a while, asking these types of questions should become second nature and you will feel less nervous about engaging in conversations with new people. You can even come up with your own list of your favorite questions to ask people when you are learning more about them! You can add questions from this list and come up with your own unique questions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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