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    How many handbags have you bought this year? If you have registered at some fashion forums or accessay forums, you can meet such question everyday.Though such question can often than not get simple and meanless responses like I just bought a sigle hermes handbagand the likes, these symple answers can be very inspring as you can learn how crasy some handbag lovers could be.

    When you loved this information and you would like to receive more information with regards to handbags for women online i implore you to visit our site. As I am the regetered member of at least 3 forums, I met such questions for more than ten times this month. In spite of this, I still try to read the answers to the question through every time. As a result, I can get something new every time. Up to date, I have bought two handbags. One is a hermes handbag birkin and the other one is a snake-skin prada handbag.Both of them cost me more than $700 respectively and I took it for granted that I was some kind of crasy handbag buyer.But I totally changed my view when I saw a reply which read somebody has bought 7 handbags this year. This is post from a pretty girl.That means she bought a handbag almost every month.I do not know what she is doing. If she is a handbag star, 7 handbags are ok. If not, she must be a crasy handbag buyer. As a matter of fact, even a handbag of poor quality can last at least quite a few months, let alone brand handbags. I am wondering the reason she bought handbags so often. Is she buying handbags just for fun or to show how rich she is.What is more, she has posted pictures of these seven handbags respectively which made me believe what she was saying.The seven handbags are all hermes handbag which must cost her $100,000 also. It is true that some lady will be willing to spend $10,000 on a single hermes birkin handbag, but it is rather uncommon that somebody would like to spend $100,000 on seven handbags under the same brand.

    And this reminds me of my own handbag purchase this year. Up to now, I have bought two handbags. The first one is a hermes handbag birkin and is still in good shape. I bought this hermes handbag at a hermes exclusive in Paris on my business trip. I bought it the moment I saw it at the store. But not long before I bought this bag, I found it not my type and It found its place at my wardrobe. And I bought a prada handbag last week. I am wondering how crasy people could be when it comes to handbags.

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