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    You’re a truth-seeking individual who has a natural instinct for untangling big problems and seeking answers to life’s big questions. You’re drawn to careers involving innovation, engineering, technology, digital communications, strategy, esoteric practices, and journalism. You’re an understanding individual who values harmonious relationship in life and helps others willingly. Careers involving therapy, healing, teaching, esoteric practices, administration, accountancy, and mediation appeal to you. The first evidence of use of Hebrew letters as numbers dates to 78 BCE; gematria is still used in Jewish culture. Similar systems have been used in other languages and cultures, derived from or inspired by either Greek isopsephy or Hebrew gematria, and include Arabic abjad numerals and English gematria. Also, many developers distribute APK files of their apps, using multiple app distribution platforms other than Play Store, such as ApkPure, APKMirror, etc. You can download APK files from these sources.We highly recommend downloading Android apps from the official Google Play Store, as it is a safe and secure service by Google itself. Third-party app stores can be hacked and files can tamper with malware and spyware. So please try to avoid app stores unless the required app isn’t available in Play Store. We have added a button above to download Gematria Calculator app from Play Store directly. Android operating system uses its own type of installation format, as Windows software has a .exe extension. When you download an app from the Google play store, it is downloaded and installed in APK format. To use the decoder, simply enter the number you want to decode. The decoder will then display list of words with a similar English simple gematria value and English Jewish gematria value.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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