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    While gematria was used periodically in the Talmud and Midrash, it was not central to rabbinic literature. The rabbis occasionally employed gematria to help support biblical exegesis, but did not rely on it heavily. They were much more invested in the use of logical reasoning and argumentation to support their positions. Here is more regarding hebrew gematria – cgi.members.interq.or.jp, visit the web site. Early systems of gematria written in the Latin script are called Latin Milesian and the Latin Natural Order alphabets and there were a number of variations of these which were popular in Europe. Some of the earliest were developed for use with the English language. As part of gematria, the Hebrew alphabet, as well as corresponding numbers, are substituted. Gemstone has a number system as well as other functions such as bibliomancy and a way of gaining a better spiritual understanding of biblical thought. As God has redeemed Israel through the power of music, Samuel asks that we sing together with joy on account of what he has done. Time flows like a river, in that the future flows into past. Past is death, future is life, when both past and future is converted into present, this is life eternal. The simultaneous experience of running to the future and returning to the past is the essence of time nullification. The phrase רָצוֹא וָשׁוֹב “ratzo vashov” literally means “run and return”, which is the secret of time, in that the future constantly impregnates the past at the present moment. Where there is no Pesach, Matzah and bitter herbs means the three are eaten with haste, for there is no time (at the speed of light).

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