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    By examining the numerical values of various words or phrases related to your spiritual pursuits, you can gain insight into deeper meanings behind concepts like faith and love. The most common type of gematria used today is the Jewish system, which assigns numerical values to Hebrew letters. For example, the letter Aleph (א) is assigned a value of one, while the letter Beth (ב) is given a value of two. If you have virtually any concerns relating to exactly where in addition to the best way to use homepage, you are able to e-mail us from the internet site. This system can then be used to calculate the numerical value of any Hebrew word or phrase. The numerical result is referred to as its “gematria value” or “gematria number”. Many believe there are secret codes to be uncovered by interpreting the numerical values of the letters in the Bible. The kabbalists employ gematria to decipher the Torah and everyday events. The absolute or normative value of a word is calculated by treating each letter as a word and then adding up all of the numerical equivalencies of these letter words. Since some letters can be spelled differently as words, different numerical equivalencies can be achieved for a single word. Thus, the Tetragrammaton, yod, hei, vav, and hei, have the values of 72, 63, 45, or 52, each of which has vital significance in Kabbalah. The payment for the burial is done with these Gematria numbers in mind as well. Many congregations and Rabbis will only except values with these special meanings. As already mentioned, three and 10x multiples of three (30, 300, 3000, etc.) carry the meaning of the Sefirot. Another example that was already mentioned would be one and 10x multiples of one (10, 100, 1000, etc.) . The value 26 and its 10x multiples (260, 2600, etc.) also have a very important gematria meaning; represent the tetragrammaton the ineffable unspeakable true name of God (with the sum of the letters totaling 26). Another would be 18 and its multiples representing the word Chai which means life in Hebrew (this number is quite important and is often used in funeral payments as it is said that to honour the dead).

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