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    We are using the simple increasing order counting for the English ordinal Gematria. The exegetical method by which a word is equated with a different word because the two words have the same numerical value. Gematria is derived from the Greek and its resemblance to the word geometry had often been noted, but scholars are now uncertain about this etymology. To use the decoder, simply enter the number you want to decode. The decoder will then display list of words with a similar English simple gematria value and English Jewish gematria value. Cooking, mincing, freezing, drying, fermenting and other processing steps can have a great impact on the nutrient performance of food. Bringing together many components to create a high quality food product is an art in which we would like to support you with our methods and know-how. If you’re ready to check out more regarding web page take a look at our web page. Indeed a search on the “Google” internet search engine reveals over 106,000 references to gematria on the World Wide Web, a great number of these sites deal with Christianity, witchcraft, and general (non-Jewish) mysticism. Numerous contemporary Jewish books have been published about gematria as well as assisting the reader to find his own gematria equivalencies. For instance, one such book, Sefer Gematrikon provides gematria equivalents for the numbers 1 to 1,000. On the simplest level it’s fun to play with letter/number equivalents. They can add significance to greeting cards, wedding and barmitzvah invitations and speeches for special occasions.

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