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    This Philippine Pinoy Teleserye ‘First Yaya’, which was first aired on March 15, 2021 by the GMA Network, tells the story of an ordinary woman named Melody Reyes who, by different coincidences in life lead her to become the nanny of the widowed Glenn Acosta’s children. Glenn Acosta who is also the Vice-President of the Philippines, which soon became the President due to the President’s demise, will fall into a modern fairytale with his children’s nanny, Melody Reyes. When you have virtually any queries with regards to exactly where as well as how you can employ SilipTv.su, you’ll be able to call us in our own page. Their story was challenged by their status in the society and obstacles regarding their families, but they are willing to overcome and conquer everything for each other. Their love story did not start out well as there are things they have to consider before they decided to date each other.

    During the first stages of their relationship, they struggled to hide it from everyone, but no secrets are never revealed. Soon, the children of the President Glenn Acosta found out about their relationship which did not turn out great because they got mad at Melody. But that was soon resolved by acts of kindness from Melody to the children. However, they are not the only people who will hinder the story of our main characters. The mother of Glenn wants another girl for him that is said to be more suitable for a President but when Glenn and this said girl broke up, the mother got suspicious. Lo and behold, she found out that Melody and Glenn were already dating, and she was against it. Aside from this, being a President is not as easy as it is, your every move will be monitored by everyone. To be with a President is one thing but them having time for you as their partner is another thing.

    Personally, I find it amazing how someone who has so many duties and responsibilities would still have time for their partner. It is somehow rare to find someone who could be as devoted as Glenn Acosta in this modern time. As the President is a public figure and the citizens are expecting a lot from him, the news about him dating the nanny of his children was controversial. But when it came to the point where it was threatening his position as the President, he decided to reveal his relationship with Melody to everyone. Melody’s family was delighted but Glenn’s mother was upset as to why Glenn did not consult her before doing the said action. But because of what the President decided to do, it brought the support of everyone to their relationship and the citizens were pleased for what he had done. It was brave and bold for Glenn to do such act without hesitating just for the sake of his love for Melody. This television series is good for people who loves fairytale-like stories where a common girl and a famous, rich, and handsome guy falls for each other. They have that what we call ‘young love’ and typical pinoy lambingan moments, but the obstacles to their happy ever after are not over yet.

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