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    Each public IP is assigned a country, region, city, latitude and longitude and the name of the operator that assigns it. When a user wishes to establish a connection with a particular website, they use its domain name to reach the site. A record is the record used to trace the IP behind that website. A reverse IP lookup helps you find out which domain server has been used to host the domain of an IP address. This rule looks for connections to known IP lookup services through non-browser processes or non-installed programs. IP Lookup performs a reverse DNS lookup to figure out the information related to the IP address. Reverse DNS, if you don’t know already, is a technique used in networking to extract the domain name or hostname from an IP address. It is called reverse DNS because it is the opposite of what a DNS does, which is to locate the IP address related to a domain name or hostname. It only takes a few minutes to add IP geolocation awareness to your application. Our API uses RESTful semantics supported by all major development platforms, and we offer free open-source API query libraries and CSV import tools. The ultimate resource for IP address geolocation and network intelligence… Remember, IP addresses are required to enter any website and webpage on it. Every time you click something online it’s like signing a guestbook, with your IP address acting as the signature you leave behind. This includessocial media sites, internet forums, chatrooms, and blogs you comment on. Your IP address changes, though, every time you connect to a different Wi-Fi network orrouter. Online users won’t even know the difference and, generally, they don’t need to — much like how they don’t necessarily need to know how to read an IP address. Every device that can connect to the internet is a member of the World Wide Web — computers, laptops,tablets,mobile phones, routers, etc. — and all have an IP address. Websites and computer networks require this form of identification for you to interact with them. All of our IP netblocks data is also accessible in our extensive database, available in JSON or CSV with consistent and unified ranges.

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