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    The Course Handicap is specific to the course and tees you play. For this to happen, there are a few variables that have to be standardized, which mostly include the difficulty levels of the golf courses. 2 measurements used a) Course Rating and b) Slope Rating, would have to be implemented for golf courses all around the world. With the USGA-rated golf courses already having course and slope ratings implemented, which is more than 50% of the world, the rest will follow suit. Using this golf handicap calculatoras a guide only as you’ll need to go through an official process with the membership of your chosen golf course. Most countries around the world adopt a similar process but there may be some minor differences. Wherein the function keys includes a round number key, a score key, a course rating key, a par key, and a handicap index key, a slope key. The present invention, designated as numeral 10, includes a housing 12 with a substantially rectangular configuration including a front face, a rear face, and a thin periphery formed therebetween. 1, a liquid crystal display 14 is mounted on the front face of the housing adjacent to a top edge thereof. In use, the display serves to depict two rows of numerical characters. Also included is a numeric keypad 16 mounted on the front face of the housing in a matrix below the top display. The numeric keypad includes a plurality of numeric keys each representative of a unique number between 0-9. It is another object of the present invention to provide a new golf handicap calculator which may be easily and efficiently manufactured and marketed. To calculate your handicap index, you will need to join a golf club and submit the official number.

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