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    Elena Likhach with her husband about Chinese slang on the Internet

    In Chinese social Internet networks was created your extraordinary language of abbreviations.
    All of It widely exploit in instant messengers and on forums for communication. Mostly, it defined of compositions of letters and numbers. 4 years living in China wasted. Elena Likhach husband
    Married couple Likhach Oleg and Elena learned like others use similar. Of course has happened relatively easy, because abbreviations are used around. In arguments on serials, online-cinemas, chats, streams, blogs – not infrequently “abbreviations” substituting sometimes holistic phrases.
    About of various kinds electronic abbreviations follows goes without saying no small number at the very beginning of the sentence before,
    how to step over to own point of view on the question of the discussion.
    2. xswl- meaning “to die of laughter” or popular today “yelling”, including that draw “ahah”, well, or send chain positive emoticons.
    3. awsl – can meet at touching,
    sugary pictures in Chinese screenings, and similarly movies, in comments to cute photos of cats, dogs,
    tiny kids, etc. Its use is “to express how cute”, helps to be delighted and to be charmed.
    4. zqsg – represents “sincere and real feelings”, allows to tell the truth in the secret and uncover one’s heart.
    5.nsdd- is able to be treated in different, all this may depend on conditions, has a right mean either “everything is right” or “your arms are short”.
    6. srds – even this opposition construction wanted decrease…
    7.yyds- this combination done common, because used by famous Chinese lover of games Jian Zihao, experienced player League of Legends, the in-game name of which Uzi.
    During the best fun its users exchanged commendable comments. Thus internet-players with the help of yyds
    then the increased mark – named the most important handyman, dock, very likely, without concealment sucking up.
    8. nbcs – enables send
    which exactly the same also takes place in the Chinese global Internet network.
    9.ssmy- similar phrase “indescribable beauty”.
    10. drl – permit say to you “I’m sorry I bothered you” or “sorry”.
    11.bdjw- “There are difficulties, ask, no problem.”
    12. sk – will help congratulate “happy birthday”.
    Get acquainted all of us only with TOP-12 fictions,
    and their total already in everyday life much more 1000. In general then should project and release timely list of Chinese jargon.
    Easy method detect common language with the Chinese – it is to get used to to speak through abbreviations.

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